Wednesday, 8 February 2012

My New Real LCD Screen Model Range

Above are a series of photo's of the brand new " Real Screen " LCD Models I have developed, basically because i really wanted to evolve my model making after doing them for two years, and i figured a real working screen with images of the game was a good evolution of the concept.

All of these are strictly limited edition, hand signed and numbered, and are £24.99 GBP each .. e mail me at to order my work

The models available are

1. Pac Man
2. Scramble
3. Zaxxon
4. Donkey Kong
5. Space Invaders
6. Xevious
7. Bubble Bobble

heres the spec -


Limited Edition Deluxe 1/12th scale model of the Arcade Game, with a 1.5 Inch LCD screen built into the unit, that displays a slideshow of images from the game.

Made from high grade modelling wood with glossy vinyl decals.

This tiny hand crafrted arcade cabinet is a strictly limited piece, and has been hand signed and numbered by the artist ( on the base )

It features an aopening panel on the rear of the unit, so you can remove the Screen unit from inside to charge it up, and also to organise the content on the screen yourself. The screen, which is a 1.5 inch back lit LCD screen , runs on an in built 3.7V litium battery. It comes with a USB connection cable, so you can plug it into your PC to charge it. When you do this, you can also open the screen up as a folder on your PC and put any pictures you want on there.

The screen comes pre loaded with the start screen and a bunch of screen shots, but you can add whateever you want to the screen image bank, and it will store up to 90 images.

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