Thursday, 19 September 2013

Always Evolving

Welcome to my miniature arcade!  Well, it has been three and a half years since i first started making these models.  I have to admit when i look back at some of my work from 3 years ago, the spec and design of my work has improved and evolved massively over that time.  Everything i have done has been completely self taught,  and i have spent on average  some 40 + hours per week x 3.5 years honing my craft.  That adds up to an insane 7,000 + hours !! 

I recently made the biggest upgrade in my model spec i have ever done, so please bear in mind most of the photos on my blog are out of date and not as good as the work im doing.

On the arcade models, i now use a harder grade of wood, and i make the screens have a 3d effect, and i also mount tiny buttons on them now too.   

With the pinball models, i improved the lockbars, and started adding plungers, buttons and stuff, and also spraying the legs with a super wicked metallic paint.  The results are awesome !!

If you want to talk to me about my work, or order any of it, feel free to shoot me an e mail at, or use the contact form on my blog here.