Saturday, 27 April 2013

LCD "Real Screen" Models - available on most designs

I can make pretty much 90% of the arcade models i make, fitted with a super cool 1.5 inch backlit LCD screen.   The screen displays still photo's of the game, or animated GIFS.  looks mega good when installed into a cabinet, and i supply with pre loaded images, and a USB lead, so you can plug the cabinet into your PC to charge it up and alter the screen content.

These are £24.99 each, but that includes free shipping to anywhere on our beautiful planet earth !!!

E Mail me at to order, or to make requests ...

here are just a few pictures of them  ...

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Spring 2013 ~~ New Designs ~~

Lots of new designs for Spring 2013, to celebrate the end of an horrific, cold, dark British winter !!

As always, please contact me at  if you would like to order any of these bad boys

First up, is POLE POSITION. With custom wheel and pedals ... 

Next is FIX IT FELIX JNR.  from the new Disney Movie " Wreck it Ralph "

and another Pole Position photo, since it is so damn cool !

Yup, it's R-Type .. my homage to classic 2D shooters ...

I finally made 720, after being psyched out by the complexity of the design for 3 years .. so happy with how it came out .. total custom build with top mounted " ghetto blaster "

And some new pinball table designs ... this is is the classic MATA HARI

 and WIZARD pinball