Sunday, 23 September 2012


This is a hand crafted 1/12th scale miniature scale model of the classic arcade cabinet. The model is crafted from modelling wood, and has glossy decal graphics applied.

This is a one off model, my absolute favorite piece I have ever made.   It is a scale model of the amazing Operation Wold lightgun arcade cabinet, with real metal floor place,  1/12th scale machine light gun, "glas" screen, and lots more details.  Due to the time and materials to create this mode, this will be for the time being, the only one i will offer for auction.

The model measures 6.5 inches tall x 2.8 inches wide x 5 inches depth ( including metal floor plate ) 

I make these to order, price is £34.99. Please e mail me at to commision. 

DEFENDER Model with 1.5 Inch Backlit LCD Screen

I now make pretty much all of my arcade cabinet models with an optional 1.5 inch backlit LCD screen, that can display still images or gifs.

Here is Defender :

The LCD models have detachable panels so you can put the screen in and out , the screen charges by plugging into the USB port on your computer, and you can add/ remove / edit images on the screen. 

The LCD models are £24.99 including free worldwide delivery.  E mail me at to place an order