About Me

I am a professional model maker who happens to have a massive interest in classic arcade games and pinball models.

I specialize in my range of 1/12th scale models of these classic games and
pinball's. I left a corporate career to pursue making models for a living,
and although the hourly rate doesn't equate to a very high one ( due to me
being a bit of an obsessive person with the quality of my work ) i love
what i do , and have met some amazing friends on my journey into the realm
of retro arcade and pinball collectors.

I am a self taught carpenter,painter and craftsman, and i have very exacting standards where my work is concerned.

I am happy to discuss any requirement you might have for an
order, and take the time to provide customer service personally.

I feel really happy when collectors discover my work and tell me they love it. It
sure is a nice feeling to create something with your own hands and for
people to tell you how much they love it.

check out my Flickr Photo Album -  http://www.flickr.com/photos/97924569@N04/

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