Friday, 14 June 2013

Sound System Pinball ~ Creature from the Black Lagoon

Another new idea i had - to create a super deluxe pinball model that somehow had the sounds / music of the pinball table featured.

I bought a really cool sound module re-recordable device, which allowed you to record 30 seconds of audio.  Then i built this device into the cabinet of a pinball table model.

Watch the Video ~

Since i went to all this trouble i figured i would go to another level with the detailing on the model too, and so i put a genuine metal plunger on it, miniature hand crafted buttons, and then a super detailed 3d playfield and backglass.

I picked Creature from the Black Lagoon as the design i wanted to try it out on, as i LOVE that table, and i particularly love the music and sound effects from it.   So on the playfield i built it up in 3D, and even recreated the hologram effect that is on the full size table ... with a window you can peer down into inside the playfield that has the ominous creature himself reaching out to grab you !!

I built a sort of button / switch device on the rear side of the model, so when you want the model to start making sounds, you just reach behind it and flip this little silver panel.

Then i recorded the music from the game, some sound effects, and ball bouncing effects, and put them onto the sound unit.

I can make this design spec for any pinball model that i make ( see price list page ) ... in terms of pricing, the sound unit bumps up my material costs, and the extra details are a heck of a lot of work, so it is going to have to be £34.99... BUT, it is by far and away the most detailed pinball model design i have put out in all the time i have been doing this

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Whac - a - Mole actual working playable model

Yep, I created a fully functional playable electronic whac - a - mole model !

Well, i took a really cool miniature electronic game and built a scale cabinet around it, in 1/12th scale, so it matches up with all my other work.  I just felt it would make a really cool additional item to go alongside all my other mini arcade and pinball models. 

 The electronic unit is removable  from the cabinet, and has lights and sounds functions too.

Im really happy with how it turned out !

Saturday, 8 June 2013

Evolution of Pinball Models

I have been enjoying making scale models of pinball tables for a few years now, and have decided to evolve the designs somewhat, and enhance the specifications of my work.

My new Deluxe Version pinball tables have the addition of acetate backglass ( with 3d scoreboard ) ,  3D playfield detailing, and plunger / button detailing.

I have also spent some time working on my homage to Jersey Jack's new  " Wizard of Oz " pinball table